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Back in business

I’m back in business, blogging from my iPhone again after a long break! My last post was on my original iPhone using the old version of wordpress, way back in August of 2008. Now I’m on my 3GS using version 2 of the blogging app. Working really well so far!

So many home screens

With all of the cool and free apps I’ve been downloading, my home screens have been filling up. I think I have about 4 screens worth. A couple of annoyances: 1. I would be great if the page number showed up as a large translucent number when you flipped pages....

iPhone software update

It will be interesting to see if Apple fixed the bugs with the iPhone software 2.1 update. Problems I hve encountered include: • Frequent third party app crashes. Some of these problems are from the app developers, but I bet some stem from the iPhone software. • Really slow response...

iPhone 2.0 is a 1.0

With the release of the 2.0 software, I have been using the free apps regularly. The problem is that while the new OS is great, the apps crash and cause tge phone to restart on occasion. More later…

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! I will use this area to blog from my Mac (and iPhone with the new wordpress application.)