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It’s all about the bow!

I’m so honored to be presenting for TMEA 2016!  My first session is entitled “It’s all about the bow! The best strategies for developing a beautiful tone in beginners and beyond.” Description: Proper bowing technique is crucial for a healthy tone. Unfortunately the physical actions required for good bowing technique are often difficult...


Bowing Factors, “PAWS”

A recent post by MB Miller on School Orchestra and String Teachers, v2 Facebook Page using the word “PAWS” to describe the factors of bowing inspired me to post my version. Note: I did not choose to use “angle” of the bow because I was teaching middle school when I created this....


Bow Warm-Up Exercises

When students first start to play a stringed instrument, they don’t usually have the hand strength or fine motor skills to hold the bow correctly and without tension.  The muscles in the hand need to be trained and strengthened.  So, as Arnold Swartzenegger said in the movie Kindergarten Cop, “It’s...