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Fostering Creativity Using Composition & Improvisation in the String Classroom

Download Slides (PDF) Description: In addition to learning string instrument skills and new repertoire, a complete string player is one who is willing to diversify into a variety of musical outlets, including composition and improvisation. Laux will demonstrate how to efficiently integrate composition and improvisation techniques into a string program to foster creative musicianship that...


It’s all about the bow!

I’m so honored to be presenting for TMEA 2016!  My first session is entitled “It’s all about the bow! The best strategies for developing a beautiful tone in beginners and beyond.” Description: Proper bowing technique is crucial for a healthy tone. Unfortunately the physical actions required for good bowing technique are often difficult...


It’s totally tubular! How to cut PVC pipe for string teaching aids

Many string teachers have been using PVC pipe to aid students with the learning of bow hand shape, basic detaché bowing, and more. As I demonstrate these strategies at conferences and professional development workshops, many people have questions about what size PVC I use, how to cut the pipe, etc. so...