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Helping your students with small ensembles

For the last few weeks, my students have been working in small chamber groups (duets, trios, quartets, etc.).  We finished our large group performance assessment in mid-February and started this solo & ensemble unit afterwards. I’ve let students form their own groups and select their own pieces. For me, it’s more...


Fostering Creativity Using Composition & Improvisation in the String Classroom

Download Slides (PDF) Description: In addition to learning string instrument skills and new repertoire, a complete string player is one who is willing to diversify into a variety of musical outlets, including composition and improvisation. Laux will demonstrate how to efficiently integrate composition and improvisation techniques into a string program to foster creative musicianship that...


ASTA 2011 – Hop off the podium!

This year’s ASTA conference was fantastic!  There were so many great sessions and it was a pleasure to get to meet some new people.  It was interesting to find out where you are all from and what you do. I had an incredible time presenting my session entitled, “Hop Off...