Reaching 21st Century Learners

Effectively reaching students in the 21st century means adapting our teaching styles to accommodate how students learn, interact, communicate and self-assess. This website attempts to provide ideas for teaching strategies that integrate a variety of technologies. This technology can help motivate students to practice and increase their desire to succeed.

Technology integration when delivered properly can facilitate many aspects of teaching and learning.  Assessment methods can be greatly improved with the inclusion of video technology the teacher and the students’ own self-assessment., improve the learning of technique and reinforce important concepts.

Today’s students must utilize 21st century skills in order to be successful in their future, regardless of their profession.

21st Century Learning Skills

  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

When students participate in a musical ensemble such as band, orchestra and choir, they must constantly implement the above skills.  Students must be continuously aware of their surroundings, listening and watching in order to conform and adapt to their musical environment.  Music teaches so much more than most people realize and unfortunately many forget to understand that it is one of the most valuable disciplines in the school curriculum.