Hardware / Equipment

Video Cameras

  • Zoom Q2HD – HD video with very  quality microphones for high fidelity audio (~$199).  Allow USB streaming and direct connection to computer for recording to your computer’s hard drive.  Also doubles as a stand-along USB microphone.  Very versatile and a great value.
  • Apple iPod Touch – an iOS device that does much more than just play MP3 or take photos.


  • USB Microphones are extremely handy and easy to use with a computer.  They are essentially plug and play.
  • Samson Go Mic – Tiny, affordable, USB mic – great sound for your recordings or Skype session ($40 street)
  • iMic – USB Audio adapter

Bluetooth Devices

  • Bluetooth Receiver – a device that connects to speakers or a stereo that allows Bluetooth streaming of audio from a phone, tablet, or computer.  About a 30 ft. range.

USB MIDI Keyboard Controllers

  • Korg Microkey – super small MIDI controller with mini-keys.  The 25 key model fits in a backpack!  There are also 37 key and 61 key versions.
  • Akai LPK25 – high-quality 25 key MIDI controller. Fits in a backpack!
  • M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 – a slightly larger keyboard with 32 mini keys


  • Bose SoundDock Portable – compact, battery-powered, great sounding speaker system.  Perfect when teaching in those situations without AC power!

Portable Audio Recorders

  • Zoom H Series audio recorders – inexpensive, but versatile digital audio recorders.  Several models to choose from, starting at under $100.  Record to micro SD or standard SD cards.
  • Tascam DR series audio recorders – several models to choose from with a variety of different options.  Very reliable recorders.


  • MacMini Server ($999) – this computer’s server software will allow a district or music department to host their own blog/podcasts