Learning Outside the Classroom

Unfortunately we can’t go home with our students to help them practice.  Also, most of us deal with not seeing our students as frequently as we would like.  One solution to this problem can be putting materials online for students to access during their time away from class.  This puts your material and your program online 24/7!

Some strategies:

  • On a website or blog, link to publisher’s full recordings.
  • Create MIDI sequences of a score or individual parts to post online for student practice.
  • If you trust your students, purchase a few used/refurbished iPods for them to take home.
  • Offer students extra credit for showing you that they have downloaded audio to their MP3 player/iPod for listening/practice use
  • Post rehearsal recordings on a blog, then have students post a comment as a reflection piece as homework
  • Post a technique video (bow hold set up, fun musical lick, etc.) to YouTube or a podcast
  • Post a video that reinforces or repeats classroom instruction at home
  • Start your own YouTube Channel – showcase students and your program!
  • Use a website that supplements your method book, like Essential Elements Interactive


  • Be sure to get parental permission anytime you post student work. This may vary from school to school.  You may need to use a district form or create your own – see what your district requires.