iOS Apps for Music Education


I have done my best to categorize the following apps, but some may actually fall into several categories. Some apps are for iPad only, others are iPhone/iTouch only, and a few are Universal, meaning that they will run natively on any device. Remember, you can run iPhone/iTouch apps on an iPad, although the graphics will not be optimal.

Clicking on the links will take you to the iTunes web store. There you can read a description of the app, read reviews, and see screenshots. Where applicable, I’ve included some notes of my own.

A great website to make an App wishlist is called You can even subscribe to a particular app and the site will notify you via email when an app on your wishlist goes on sale! Please note that the prices listed below are subject to change. Developers frequently change the prices of their apps.  With the latest update of the iTunes store, it now lets you keep a wish list as well.

Airplay Software for Mac

This allows you to mirror (wirelessly) your iOS device screen and audio to your Mac’s computer screen.  This is perfect when you have a computer hooked up to a Projector or SmartBoard and want to show your iPad screen to your class!  This software requires that the Mac and iOS devices be on the same Wi-Fi network (or ad-hoc network set up from your Mac).

If you don’t need to go wireless, you can attach your iPad to a Mac and open Quicktime Player, then select “New Video Recording” from the file menu. The screen will show up on your mac and attached projector.


  • The Orchestra, $14, An incredible app that shows multi-angle views of the orchestra, a score and MIDI view, as well as information about composers and pieces.  There are approximately 7 movements of major works from classical, romantic, and 20th century periods.


  • Tap Tap Radiation, free, iPad – one of many Tap Tap apps. Emulates Dance Dance Revolution video games.  Good for getting kids to tap the beat and be accurate.


  • Beatwave – allows you to build beats, layering them, etc. Great for teaching subdivision.
  • Soundrop – bouncing balls play sounds when they hit sticks that you draw. A very unique app.
  • Looptastic HD, $15, iPad – A looping program with lots of options.
  • Garageband, $5, iPad – A scaled down version of Apple’s desktop version. Includes some cool things like “magic instruments.”
  • LaunchPad, free – A fun tool to create grooves in different styles.
  • Figure, $1, A fun little app to create grooves, etc. “Figure is the fun music-making app for instant inspiration.”

Rhythm Trainers


Theory/Eartraining Drills



Performance/Musical Instruments

  • SoundSquares, $3 – assign any pitch to a number of square buttons, totally customizable
  • Chordion, $4 – a neat app that lets you choose a chord with one hand and play melodies with the other. Never hit a wrong note!
  • Blues Jam Tracks, free – pre-recorded tracks
  • Band, $5 – has a cool blues component
  • DrumKick, $1, a neat drum app that allows you to connect an iPhone via Bluetooth to use as a kick drum.  After connecting, place the iPhone in your sock and you have an instant kick drum!
  • Impaktor, $5, A unique drum synth that uses the iPad’s internal microphone to synthesize sounds into a multitude of incredible percussion sounds.

Sheet Music

  • For Score, $5 – take thousands of pages of score with you on the go! Annotate files, etc.
  • Finale Songbook, free – view and play Finale (MUS) files and PDF files.
  • Sheetmusic Direct, free – all-in-one sheet music and guitar tab viewer, score library and music store provides access to more than 100,000 high-quality scores.

Drum Machines

  • DM1, $5 – advanced vintage Drum Machine. It turns your iPad into a fun and creative beat making machine


  • Tartini in Tune, $3 – a wonderful app that graphically displays pitch.  Also measures vibrato frequency and width.
  • InTune, $1 – by Daniel Kazez.  A game that helps train hearing of pitches that are close together, down to 1% of a whole step!


  • Coach’s Eye ($5) – Capture video of your student’s technique then review in slow motion and freeze frame portions to draw over the image.  Great way for students to see exactly what they are doing!

Excellent Utilites

  • Dropbox (Free) – Syncs with your computer and online Dropbox to allow you access to all of your dropbox items. Save them to your phone or share with others via an email link.
  • Goodreader ($5) – Open documents from Dropbox,, or other services. Includes the ability to annotate files. Very powerful.
  • Scanner Pro ($7) – Turn your phone or iPad into a scanner! Optimizes page sizes, converts to black & white, and more. Send the files to Dropbox or share via email, etc.

Amplifier Simulation

These apps work best when you can directly plug in an instrument (guitar, electric violin, etc.). To do this, and still have sound out, you will need a special plug/adapter to interface with your iDevice.
There are a variety of interfaces that enable you to connect your instrument to your iDevice, you can read about them here. I have experience with the Amplitube iRig ($40) connector. It works flawlessly.


Soon, interactive books will be the norm!  Both text books and method books will soon all be digital!

  • Interactive Listening by Peter Carney & Brian Felix, $15 – Provides a fresh new look at music appreciation and listening.  Excellent, non-traditional listening examples, and amazing photographs & multimedia bring out the excitement of music listening.
  • Essential Elements for Guitar by Bob Morris & Will Schmid, $10 – the digital version of the guitar book
  • Essential Elements 2000, $9 – The exact original book, but completely enhanced with video and formatted for enhanced viewing on the iPad. Accompaniment tracks are fully embedded into the book!  Violin | Viola |  Cello | Double Bass

Accessories for iOS Devices

  • M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 – USB MIDI Controller, small enough to fit into a backpack!
  • Samson Go Mic – Small, portable, USB microphone that works with iPad or computer.  Lots of features.  $40

Web Apps for iPad

For more information about using technology in Music Education here are two blogs I highly recommend following!

This page will be updated as I find more cool things to share!  Please send me names any apps that you have used that work well for you.  Developers, I am happy to test out your app and post a review.