Tunes & Tracks

garageband-iconHere are some simple tunes, made awesome by cool accompaniment tracks made with Apple Garageband.  Download Garageband from the Mac App Store for free!

Native American Chant

Perfect for a beginner’s first concert!

PDF: Native American Chant  | MP3: Native American Chant 

D String Rock

Another tune for a beginner, the fingers move a bit more quickly than Native American Chant, and it’s longer.

PDF: D string Rock | MP3: D String Rock

Tribal Chant (a “low 2” practice tune)

Billed as a “low 2 practice tune,” this piece reinforces the sound of a minor third and playing zero to 2 fingers for violin/viola, reinforcing the 2nd finger notes for cello/bass.

PDF: Tribal Chant | MP3: Tribal Chant

Soul Strings 

From a classroom set of books entitled “Stringing Along” by Stoutamire & Henderson, available from Alfred Publishing.

Accompaniment Tracks: Accomp w Piano 118 | Accomp w Piano 100  | Accomp Only 118 | Accomp Only 108