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Practical Approaches to Assessment in the String Classroom

Download the slides for this presentation (PDF) A page with website links, sample rubrics, and more will be posted soon!    


It’s all about the bow!

I’m so honored to be presenting for TMEA 2016!  My first session is entitled “It’s all about the bow! The best strategies for developing a beautiful tone in beginners and beyond.” Description: Proper bowing technique is crucial for a healthy tone. Unfortunately the physical actions required for good bowing technique are often difficult...


It’s totally tubular! How to cut PVC pipe for string teaching aids

Many string teachers have been using PVC pipe to aid students with the learning of bow hand shape, basic detaché bowing, and more. As I demonstrate these strategies at conferences and professional development workshops, many people have questions about what size PVC I use, how to cut the pipe, etc. so...


Scheduling the start time of your tuning procedures

Did you ever wish that you could begin tuning exactly at the same time each day? How cool would it be for the tuning reference pitches to sound at the same time each day? For years now, many string teachers have been using the tuning sequence that I put it up on this blog....


Sessions at ASTA 2015

As always, the national ASTA conference is a blast and the best professional development activity I attend each year. Apologies for the delay in this post!! I was honored to present two peer-reviewed sessions and two industry-sponsored sessions. I have created two static web pages for these topics and will...


2015 South Carolina Music Educators Conference

Here are the sessions presented at SCMEA.  I had a great time meeting teachers and catching up with everyone! Automate and Motivate 21st Century String Players with Technology February 6, 2015, 2:30 PM, Carolina A/B 21st Century String Players Technology Slides 02-07-15 (PDF) Browse the top menu of this to see...


2015 Ohio Music Educators Conference

Organizing an Effective and Efficient Orchestra Rehearsal Feb 5th at 1:15 – 2:15 PM, CC16 Organizing an Efficient Orchestra Rehearsal Slides  (PDF) It’s Symphony Time! Developing and Working with the Young Full Orchestra Feb 5th at 2:30 – 3:30 PM, CC16 It’s Symphony Time Keynote Slides (PDF) Improving the Intonation of Your String Students through Sight, Sound, and...


2015 Georgia Music Educators Conference

Here are the sessions I will be presenting on Friday, January 30, 2015 at the GMEA Conference.  Links to pages and resources are included. Improving the Intonation of Your String Students Through Sight, Sound, and Touch 8:45 AM – 9:45 AM Trade Center Room 105-106 Orchestra division Pitch accuracy is...


You want ME to teach guitar? I’m an orchestra director!

2014 Midwest Clinic Charles Laux & Bob Morris, presenters Synopsis: Yes, an orchestra or band director can teach class guitar! Come learn how and why to start a guitar program at your school. Guitar & orchestra program collaboration only makes a music program stronger! The session will include discussion of...


Sessions at NYSSMA Summer Conference

My first time in Albany!!  Special thanks to Edie Shillitoe and NYASTA for the invitation.  You all have such a great vibe! It was nice meeting everyone.  Below are the sessions I presented… String Education Technology: Amazing apps and Resources to Teach, Administrate and Assess (Sunday, August 10, 2:30-3:45 PM) For...